5 Essential oils for Psoriasis

Psoriasis   As a hairdresser I would encounter clients that suffer from psoriasis from time to time. It always seems that they feel really uncomfortable when I mention the condition. Psoriasis not only appears on the scalp but also the face, elbows, back of the legs, feet, knees or other parts of the body.The majority […]

Essential oils for anxiety

One of the most frequent request that I get for a synergy blend of essential oils is to help with anxiety. Many of those are from mothers with anxious children. Well let’s look at what is anxiety and how can essential oils help to support the body and mind with this state of being. In […]

Lavender my no 1 oil

“Put some Lavender on it” is probably a line that my kids will remember forever. They still roll their eyes at me and to be honest I did the same when I started working as an aromatherapist and most of the formulas that we had to mix before starting the massage included Lavender. I also […]

Essential oils are good for your cardiovascular system

    The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, spleen, blood vessels and about 5 liters of blood.  The spleen is responsible for breaking down the worn-out red blood corpuscles. It produces lymphocytes and acts as a reservoir for the blood. The spleen and the contraction of the splenic blood vessels have an influence on […]

Essential oils for emotional support

Emotions are part of our everyday life and who we are . Emotions are like social glue and serve so many functions in our life. Emotions  are also critical to our health – mental as well as physical. Emotions can either be positive or negative and most of the time we don’t need support with […]

essential oils

Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity in recent years but a lack of reverence for essential oils has caused a dark and dangerous byproduct as well.  In a nutshell it is a lack of education and misunderstanding the chemical compounds of essential oils that is causing many to have a bad experience with […]