How to use essential oils

Skin tags

I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and these skin tags appeared on my neck. I verbally expressed my disgust and whilst I was speaking I noticed one of my older colleagues had a few of those on her neck as well. Well, what an awkward moment. They fell off after the birth […]

How to use essential oils for inflammation

Inflammation is quite the buzzword these days and you have also probably seen a lot of blogs and recipes about the benefits of using essential oils for inflammation. I have not written an article about inflammation yet because there is more to it. The question really is how to use essential oils for inflammation. First […]

Essential oil diffuser

Diffusing essential oils have become a very popular. It is a very quick and effective way to use essential oils for their benefits. You can now find diffusers in the grocery shop as well as your local hardware shop. It is worth it to just look into what is the difference between certain diffusers and […]

What can I do - ADHD

I have been dealing with my wandering mind, my inability to focus and my procrastination my entire life and I know there is a label for that. It is called ADHD.  For me  it was not  necessary such a big problem in school because there was scaffolding in place in the form of teachers and […]

The best essential oils for acne

I watch one of my children really struggling with acne and I can absolutely relate. As a teenager and even as a young adult I had a really bad skin and it affected my entire personality. I just wanted to hide from the world. I used to cover up all those blemishes which made it […]

Ginger oil-weight loss

Ginger essential oil   Although I am very familiar with ginger for cooking and the significant smell I have to be honest that I had no idea what a ginger plant looks like. I was really surprised that it is such a pretty plant.   The ginger plant grows in tropical countries and can grow […]

Carrier-Oil-Essential oil

Essential oils should never be used undiluted when you apply it topically on the skin. It should always be diluted in what is called a carrier oil. That can be a bit vague so here is a list of the best carrier oils to use to dilute essential oils. Carrier oils are not the same […]


  Coriander is quite an attractive plant but it is one of those divisive plants. Some people love it and others can’t stand it. Coriander leaves also is called Cilantro and  is used in a lot of Mexican dishes. I absolutely love it whist my husband reckons it taste like soap. Well, interesting enough scientist […]


  This ancient oil is sometimes referred to as fit for a king’s house. In India Basil is also known as Tulsi and it is common to find basil planted around temples as well as graves. The Egyptians used Basil in embalming rituals and it is a very versatile oil in Ayurvedic medicine. Basil is […]

Hair loss

  Hair growth is for some a very sensitive topic and they can worry about their receding hairline that seem to be growing faster than their hair. For others hair growth is only something that they think about when they want to grow out a style or had a bad haircut. Then all of a […]