Sandalwood essential oil - uses and benefits

I personally love Sandalwood. It is one of my favorites for emotional self care and for meditating and some quiet spiritual time. Although there are many varieties available Indian Sandalwood is in a league of its own. It is quite an expensive oil though. Many cultures used and are still using sandalwood in religious ceremonies. […]

Clary Sage essential oil - uses and benefits

Clary Sage is a must have oil for any women just because it is helpful for an array of issues from menstrual cramps to menopause. This oil is also called the queen of hormonal oils. If you are not familiar with all the uses and benefits of this essential oil keep reading. Skin care Helpful […]

International women's day

  International women’s day is a day when the world recognize women’s rights and achievements in the workplace and society. It always makes me wonder though why the other side of their achievements don’t get mentioned. The part that you don’t get paid for but takes up an enormous amount of time and energy. I […]

Don't know what is around the corner

I usually love getting ready for the new year – putting up the next year’s calendar and family planner, This year however I am not filled with the same enthusiasm. Looking back at 2020 is a bit different than any New Year’s eve. Reason for that is most likely because when the clock turns over […]


Peppermint oil is a  well-known and popular essential oil  and even outside of aromatherapy it is popular in a lot of items such as toothpaste and candy. So the refreshing flavor  and smell is familiar to almost everyone. The herb has been used for centuries by many cultures and it is probably the only herb […]

Carrier-Oil-Essential oil

We are right in the middle of making history as a global society. We are still in the midst of this Corona Virus Pandemic. One of my kids loves history and it is quite delightful when he brings the story to life. It is certainly much easier reading and learning about history than living it. […]

Chilblains-Remedy-Treatment-Essential Oils

I can remember as a child, especially during my teenage years, getting chilblains. Oh, the itching that would wake me in the middle of the night. Squeezing my feet into my school shoes in the morning and being super uncomfortable the entire day. Off course, two of my kids get chilblains as well because there […]