Emotions can make you sick

In Ancient Chinese medicine it is believed that each emotion is associated with an organ. When it is out of balance, it will have specific symptoms. The body keeps the score literally. So our emotions can actually make us sick.

Keeping it all inside

Emotions are very much part of our us and we all experience an array of emotions daily. When we experience excessive emotions, or suppress emotions and they turn inwards and they weaken the associated organ. Over the last few months I have had quite an emotional roller coaster ride. Often I had to suppress my true emotions and not express them. If emotions are not being expressed then thy are being stuck and can cause a blockage in the flow of energy or cause stagnation. Both can lead to disease. I can definitely vouched for that. Lately I just feel really off and just not myself .

Therefor it is so important to have a healthy emotional life. Being able to express your emotions and not letting emotions build up or getting stuck. Voicing the emotion and acknowledging the emotion to yourself is helpful enough when you are in a situation where you can’t show that emotion. Learning to put some boundaries in place to get some emotional control. I will be looking at how can we incorporate essential oils to support the harmony in the body.

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It is all connected

This connection between the emotion and the organ and other organs that they are connected to is fascinating. I love how Dr. Catherine Brown from Ageless Herbs bring ancient Chinese medicine and essential oils together. By applying the essential oil directly on the acupressure point for that meridian you can reap the benefits of the essential oils much better. I have included the acupressure point for every organ system and Dr. Brown has created these videos showing us how to stimulate these points ourselves.  Taking self care to a more efficient level. Here is a bit more on the topic of selfcare. 

Self- Care

Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM sees the body in a different light than western medicine. They classify organs in two categories:

Yin organs






Yang organs


Gall bladder

Large intestines

Small intestines


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Kidney organ system

Function of the organ

The kidneys are responsible for cleansing and filtering toxic wastes out of the blood and excreting them from the body in urine. They control the balance of potassium and sodium in the blood and regulating the amount of fluid in the body as well as regulate our blood pressure.

Connected to

The kidneys are connected to the lungs in water metabolism and respiration and responsible for bones, teeth, hearing and head hair.

The Emotion that is connected with the kidneys

The emotion that is associated with the kidneys is fear. The emotion fear can actually make you sick. Who of us can’t relate to being paralyzed by fear or having your tummy in an absolute knot due to fear.

Symptoms of organ imbalance

Frequent urination, urinary incontinence, vertigo, night sweats, dry mouth, poor short-term memory, low back pain, sore or weak knees, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, premature grey hair, hair loss, osteoporosis, lowered libido. Anxiety, fear, panic attacks.


Essential oils that will support the kidneys

Essential oils have a huge effect on the kidneys because the oils circulate in the bloodstream and all the blood in the body passes through the kidneys. It is very important to note that taking too many essential oils internally or using excessive amount on the skin can overload the kidneys and cause damage to them.




These oils are very valuable to the kidneys because of their tonic effect on the organ and are supportive for kidney infections. Essential oils should however not be used alone to treat kidney infection and professional medical attention should be employed.



Accupressure point

Applying a 2 % essential oil mix to the kidney 3 point for the greatest benefit. You can also purchase handy essential oil balms from agelessherbs. I am not affiliated with them whatsoever but recognize it as a valuable item that is very user-friendly.



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Function of the organ

Store blood, responsible for the smooth flow of blood and energy throughout the body. The liver also regulates the secretion of bile, which is needed for the digestion of fats. It provides most of the body’s heat. and is responsible for breaking down the elements of food and converting them into forms that can be utilised by the body. One of the most important functions of the liver is detoxification.

Connected to

Tendons and joints, nails and eyes

The emotion that is connected to the liver

Anger is the emotion associated with the liver. This emotion can make you sick and impact so many relationships as well.

Symptoms of organ imbalance

Redness in face, bitter taste in the mouth, dizziness, ringing in the ears, menstrual cramps, irregular or heavy periods, headaches, tendonitis, nausea, vomiting, acid reflex, irritable bowel syndrome, blurred vision, floaters, dry skin and hair, brittle nails, breast tenderness, swelling or itching of the genitals, osteo-arthritis and stiff joints

Essential oils that would support the liver


Rosemary oil is a general liver tonic and helps stimulate the bile

Cypress oil

Lemon oil

Thyme oil These oils are very useful when the liver is congested

Juniper oil

Acts as an aid to detoxification

Camomile oil

Peppermint oil

These oils benefit the liver and the digestive system as a whole.

Use a 2 % dilution and massage it on the liver area, which is the right side of the abdomen just below ribs.

A hot compress can also be very useful .

Accupressure point 

Applying a  2 % essential oil mix on the liver accupressure point will help to increase stimulation of the liver meridian. You can have a look at where to locate the liver 3 point on your foot and include that in your daily self care routine to take better care of your health.





Function of the organ

The heart regulates the blood and is responsible for even and regular pulse. It is a double pump with the right side pumping blood to the lungs and the left side pumping freshly oxygenated blood through the body to all the organs and tissues.

The heart is connected to

The heart is connected to the tongue, arteries and our complexion

Symptoms of organ imbalance

Insomnia, heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, excessive dreaming, poor memory, dizziness, spontaneous sweating, mouth and tongue ulcers.

Emotion connected to the heart

The emotion associated with the heart is joy. Most cultures would agree on this.

Lack of enthusiasm and vitality, lack of joy, depression, despair, confusion, anxiety, easily startled and  insomnia can all point to no or little joy in your life.

Essential oils that will support the heart








Ylang ylang

Accupressure point

Accupressure heart 7 is a very easy point to access and apply pressure to a few times a day. You can watch the video  to locate the point here.


That being said please refrain from treating any heart condition with only essential oils and always seek medical advice first and use the essential oils in a supportive way.

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Function of the organ

The spleen is responsible for food digestion and nutrient absorption. The spleen is considered the first step in the formation of blood and energy flow according to Ancient Chinese medicine.

Connected to

The spleen is connected to the muscles, the mouth and lips and also involved in thinking and memory

Emotion that the spleen is connected to

The emotion associated with the spleen is worry or over thinking, obsessive thoughts and focusing too much on a specific topic. The emotion worry can make you sick – the phrase sick with worry is true on many levels.

Symptoms of organ imbalance

Tiredness or weakness, loss of appetite, poor digestion, loose stools or diarrhea, weak muscles, abdominal distension and gas, pale lips, bruising easily, excessive menstrual flow and other bleeding disorders, lack of empathy, obsessive worrying, varicose veins, loose stools, dampness

Essential oils that will support the spleen

Coriander seed oil





Sweet Basil





Accupressure point for the spleen

We don’t think much of our spleens but in TCM the spleen is super important. This  point is valueble to help you feel better, increase your energy and wellbeing. You can take a look where to apply the 2 % essential oil mix to the spleen 3 point on your foot here. 





Function of the organ

Respiration, controls sweat and body hair, create energy form air and redistributes it throughout the body

Controls the immune system

Connected to

The lungs are connected to the kidneys. It helps to regulate the water metabolism which is an important part of the immune system and helps protect the body from viruses and bacteria and provides moisture to the skin

Emotion connected to the lungs

The emotion that is associated with the lungs is sadness or grief. This emotion can actually make us sick. Sadness and grief can impact you more than you think.

Symptoms of organ imbalance

Shortness of breath, fatigue, cough, catching colds easily, fevers, sore throats, sinusitis, headache, nose, asthma, pale complexion and dry skin, lack of self worth, poor personal boundaries, sadness, unresolved grief, dogmatism.

Essential oils that will support the lungs

Orange oil

Cinnamon oil

Cypress oil

Bergamot oil

Cedarwood oil

Ginger oil



Accupressure point for the lungs

Lung 9 accupressure point is located on your hand and therefor very easy to access a few times during the day. Have a look where to press by watching Dr. Brown’s video here.



You cannot separate your emotional health from your physical health. They are indeed connected. Taking care of your self with the help of essential oils and making good lifestyle choices can be very helpful on your health journey.

I do want to say though that essential oils should never be used to ‘cure’ something. If you need medical help then go and see your doctor before you reach for the essential oil bottle.


How to use essential oils

Always dilute essential oils with a carrier vegetable oil. You can read more about carrier oils here. Here is a handy dilution chart for mixing essential oils . It is really important to use essential oils with care.

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Always buy good quality essential oils. I prefer organic essential oils and one of my favorite essential oil companies that I get my own oils from is Planttherapy.

essential oil dilution chart



Take care of you so that you can take care of those you love


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