essential oils

Essential oil diffuser

Diffusing essential oils have become a very popular. It is a very quick and effective way to use essential oils for their benefits. You can now find diffusers in the grocery shop as well as your local hardware shop. It is worth it to just look into what is the difference between certain diffusers and […]

emotions connected to organs

In Ancient Chinese medicine it is believed that each emotion is associated with an organ. When it is out of balance, it will have specific symptoms. The body keeps the score literally. So our emotions can actually make us sick. Keeping it all inside Emotions are very much part of our us and we all […]

Cardamom- uses and benefits

Cardamom makes me think of a really good Chai or a yummy curry dish. There is actually a lot of benefits hidden in those little pods, Cardamom or cardamon essential oil is made from those pods or seeds Cardomon have been used for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Cardamom was used by Egyptians […]

What can I do - ADHD

I have been dealing with my wandering mind, my inability to focus and my procrastination my entire life and I know there is a label for that. It is called ADHD.  For me  it was not  necessary such a big problem in school because there was scaffolding in place in the form of teachers and […]


Self care is not the same as self-pity. Often though it is in low season where we feel very sorry for ourselves that we realize we have neglected taking care of our own needs. Self care is also not being self absorbed or just focusing on yourself and taking care of you. That is called  […]


Using essential oils can be very successful as a complimentary treatment for depression. Which essential oils are best for depression depends on a number of factors. Listen to your body and pay attention to some hidden symptoms of underlying depression. Understanding your own depression requires you to understand yourself a bit better – your temperament […]

Treatment  for varicose veins

As a hairdresser I have been on my feet a lot and as a result I have these really ugly varicose veins. Particularly on my left side. Well lately I have been really bothered by it and so I visited my doctor who assured me that they don’t look dangerous or something that I should […]

Essential oils for emotional support

Emotions are part of our everyday life and who we are . Emotions are like social glue and serve so many functions in our life. Emotions  are also critical to our health – mental as well as physical. Emotions can either be positive or negative and most of the time we don’t need support with […]

essential oils

Essential oils have gained a lot of popularity in recent years but a lack of reverence for essential oils has caused some safety concerns.  In a nutshell it is a lack of education and misunderstanding of the chemical compounds of essential oils that is causing many to have a bad experience with essential oils with […]