Welcome to My World – Elize’s Story Introduction to who I am, Elize, and the founding of Connecting Essentials My journey through motherhood with three adult children and how it shaped my understanding of wellness Transitioning from a professional hairdresser to a certified aromatherapist and beauty therapist My dedication to studying counseling and the motivation […]

Sandalwood essential oil - uses and benefits

I personally love Sandalwood. It is one of my favorites for emotional self care and for meditating and some quiet spiritual time. Although there are many varieties available Indian Sandalwood is in a league of its own. It is quite an expensive oil though. Many cultures used and are still using sandalwood in religious ceremonies. […]

Getting rid of mold

We have just experienced heavy rains and certain communities had severe flooding. The aftermath of that is mold and mildew. On soceial media I see a number of people asking advice on dealing with mold and getting rid of mold. I realised I have not written anything about how to get rid of mold using […]

Skin tags

I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and these skin tags appeared on my neck. I verbally expressed my disgust and whilst I was speaking I noticed one of my older colleagues had a few of those on her neck as well. Well, what an awkward moment. They fell off after the birth […]

Excessive sweating

I remember my mother complaining about her head sweating so much and sweat literally running out of her hair. She were always very embarrassed by that. We have had a bit of a heatwave with some extreme humidity and I have found myself in the same boat. Oh, there must be something you can do […]

Clary Sage essential oil - uses and benefits

Clary Sage is a must have oil for any women just because it is helpful for an array of issues from menstrual cramps to menopause. This oil is also called the queen of hormonal oils. If you are not familiar with all the uses and benefits of this essential oil keep reading. Skin care Helpful […]

Rosemary essential oil

Besides Lavender this is one of the most well-known and versatile essential oils and a must have in your house. This ancient herb has been used in cooking and rituals for many centuries. The Romans referred to Rosemary as the sacred bush and traces of it were found in Egyptian tombs.  Rosemary oil has quite […]

Hair loss

Losing your hair can be very sudden like clumps of hair in the shower or sometimes it is gradual. Hair loss can create a significant amount of anxiety for both men and women. The fear of losing hair can start quite young. I have a teenager that is getting a bit stressed out by the […]


The year 2021 has been a very hard for many people and a lot of lives were lost due to Covid. I know there is a lot of grief around the world right now. I also know there has been an enormous influx of gender confused children and young adolescents around the world. I have […]


  Cedarwood is one of those ancient woods mentioned in the Bible. It is considered one of the strongest, durable and most beautiful trees – fit for a king. We read that king David and King Solomon used cedarwood to built their houses as well as the temple. It is no wonder then that the […]