Cardamom- uses and benefits

Cardamom makes me think of a really good Chai or a yummy curry dish. There is actually a lot of benefits hidden in those little pods, Cardamom or cardamon essential oil is made from those pods or seeds Cardomon have been used for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Cardamom was used by Egyptians […]

What can I do - ADHD

I have been dealing with my wandering mind, my inability to focus and my procrastination my entire life and I know there is a label for that. It is called ADHD.  For me  it was not  necessary such a big problem in school because there was scaffolding in place in the form of teachers and […]


It is Mental health awareness month and believe you me I am very aware of the impact that mental health can have on people and their families. It sometimes feels as if depression is contagious and when a number of family members are battling with depression you will need some strategies for yourself as the […]

what can I do about my eye floaters

Recently I have been bothered by these little flying spots and wiggly bits in my vision, called floaters. They are quite annoying so I did a bit of research into what cause them and if anything can be done about them. Are there any natural ways to get rid of them and can I use […]

mothers day

Mother’s Day is indeed a day that stirs up emotions in everyone because we all have one. Not a single human being does not have a mother. Where you are on this spectrum of emotions depends on your specific circumstances and the people in your life. Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all that […]

Struggling to say my transgender child's new name

As a parent new on this journey to the unknown, I am finding that I am really struggling to say my transgender child’s new name. Part of it is the fact that I did not choose that name for my child. No, seventeen years ago when I was pregnant with that child, we were told […]

Cypress oil-uses and benefits

Cypress is a beautiful evergreen conifer reaching heights of 45 meters and often found among graveyards. The history behind this is that the ancient Greeks dedicated the tree to Hades otherwise known as Pluto, the god of the underworld. This association with grief has been going on for centuries. Let’s take a look at the […]

The best essential oils for acne

I watch one of my children really struggling with acne and I can absolutely relate. As a teenager and even as a young adult I had a really bad skin and it affected my entire personality. I just wanted to hide from the world. I used to cover up all those blemishes which made it […]

Dealing with my own grief about my transgender child

I woke up this morning with this heavy sad feeling on my heart… again. I try to make sense of this sad melancholy feeling that will just not let go of me. Well, hello again…… Grief. My own grief I am grieving my relationship with my children or rather the lost relationship or the relationship […]


Self care is not the same as self-pity. Often though it is in low season where we feel very sorry for ourselves that we realize we have neglected taking care of our own needs. Self care is also not being self absorbed or just focusing on yourself and taking care of you. That is called  […]