Dealing with my own grief about my transgender child

I woke up this morning with this heavy sad feeling on my heart… again. I try to make sense of this sad melancholy feeling that will just not let go of me. Well, hello again…… Grief. My own grief I am grieving my relationship with my children or rather the lost relationship or the relationship […]


Self care is not the same as self-pity. Often though it is in low season where we feel very sorry for ourselves that we realize we have neglected taking care of our own needs. Self care is also not being self absorbed or just focusing on yourself and taking care of you. That is called  […]

Lime- uses and benefits

From all the citrus essential oils my favorite is Lime. Probably because it has such a strong but fresh scent. I find it most uplifting and energizing of all the citrus oils. Added bonus is that it is also a very affordable essential oil. Uses and benefits Skincare – helpful for acne and dull skin. […]

weight loss-digestive-support

Using essential oils for weight loss is like adding another super player to the winning team. Losing weight takes a whole team of managing your food intake, increasing your exercise and watching your emotions in case you are an emotional eater. Essential oils can certainly complement the approach in tackling weight loss. Using essential oils […]

Happy Women's Day

International women’s day is a day when the world recognize women’s rights and achievements in the workplace and society. It always makes me wonder though why the other side of their achievements don’t get mentioned. The part that you don’t get paid for but takes up an enormous amount of time and energy. I know […]

weight loss-digestive-support

Our digestive system is quite complex and involves a number of processes. I think most of us take our digestive system for granted until something goes wrong. Some people have had digestive issues for most of their life or as they get older is now all of a sudden experiencing digestive issues. I personally have […]

Hair loss diffuse hair loss

Hairdressers around the world is seeing more and more clients coming into the salon distressed about hair loss. I am not just talking about slight hair loss, no hair falling out excessively. Like a handful of hair falling out after a shower or just by brushing it. Most of the cases have been people who […]

Don't know what is around the corner

I usually love getting ready for the new year – putting up the next year’s calendar and family planner, This year however I am not filled with the same enthusiasm. Looking back at 2020 is a bit different than any New Year’s eve. Reason for that is most likely because when the clock turns over […]

sleep-tips and techniques

  I am not sleeping well lately and during the day I am paying the price for that. Although when my head hits the pillow at night I fall asleep immediately. Now according to Dr. Michael Breus from that could actually be because of sleep deprivation. Well, I can believe that. Numerous nights of […]

Head Lice mechanical treatment heal lice comb

Head lice seems to be a problem in schools around the globe. I have lived on three continents and I can recall the letters that circulated regularly to inform parents when there was an outbreak of head lice in all schools that my kids attended. Head lice can make any parent anxious about dealing with […]