Emotional support


It is Mental health awareness month and believe you me I am very aware of the impact that mental health can have on people and their families. It sometimes feels as if depression is contagious and when a number of family members are battling with depression you will need some strategies for yourself as the […]


Self care is not the same as self-pity. Often though it is in low season where we feel very sorry for ourselves that we realize we have neglected taking care of our own needs. Self care is also not being self absorbed or just focusing on yourself and taking care of you. That is called  […]

weight loss-digestive-support

Using essential oils for weight loss is like adding another super player to the winning team. Losing weight takes a whole team of managing your food intake, increasing your exercise and watching your emotions in case you are an emotional eater. Essential oils can certainly complement the approach in tackling weight loss. Using essential oils […]


Using essential oils can be very successful as a complimentary treatment for depression. Which essential oils are best for depression depends on a number of factors. Listen to your body and pay attention to some hidden symptoms of underlying depression. Understanding your own depression requires you to understand yourself a bit better – your temperament […]


It is hard not to look at the destruction that the COVID19 pandemic is causing globally and not think of the grief that so many people from every tongue and tribe is experiencing. Although we might have very different cultures, our human emotions are the same. Grief is one of those negative emotions that not […]


Worrying is inevitable during the COVID19 pandemic with uncertainty about the future, our health, our finances, fear of contracting the virus and job security. Chronic worry can take its toll on our mental health and certainly on our physical health as well.  What can we do  to help us cope with worry and anxiety during […]