Essential oils and emotions

emotions connected to organs

In Ancient Chinese medicine it is believed that each emotion is associated with an organ. When it is out of balance, it will have specific symptoms. The body keeps the score literally. So our emotions can actually make us sick. Keeping it all inside Emotions are very much part of our us and we all […]


Although most of us have had a bout of being down in the dumps, especially when our circumstances change or life throws us a unexpected left turn. Depression is a disorder however that many struggle with.Depression can stem from different causes and effect individuals in different ways. Depression can affect how a person feels and […]

Essential oils for emotional support

Emotions are part of our everyday life and who we are . Emotions are like social glue and serve so many functions in our life. Emotions  are also critical to our health – mental as well as physical. Emotions can either be positive or negative and most of the time we don’t need support with […]