Chamomile essential oil – uses and benefits


The fragrance of Chamomile is almost like an apple smell. Actually the Greeks called it kamai melon which means ground apple. You can also see where we in our English language got the chamomile from then.

Chamomile is one of the oldest herbs known to man and in the plant kingdom it is considered the plant’s physician because Chamomile keeps other plants healthy. This ancient herb was planted along garden paths throughout the centuries and when walked on would produce this lovely smell.

Well, let’s have a look at the uses and benefits of this very versatile essential oil.

Chamomile-uses and benefits

There are a number of species of Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis – Roman Chamomile

It is about a foot high with small with fine leaves and the flower is yellow in the center with white petals.

Matricaria Chamomilla – German Chamomile

It looks very similar to Roman Chamomile but the flower head is smaller and the petals are less. Chamomile tea is made from German Chamomile.

Azulene in the dried flower and the essential oil of the chamomile flower is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It is the azulene that gives the oil its blue color. German Chamomile contains more azulene than Roman Chamomile.

Their properties overlap enough to cover both Chamomiles here.


Uses and benefits of Chamomile oil

Digestive system

Chamomile oil has anti-spasmodic properties and therefore great for colic and gastritis. It also contains carminative properties which means that it can ease pain by expelling the gas trapped in the intestines. Basically it means preventing or relieving flatulence.

Can be used quite effectively for peptic ulcers due to the antiphlogistic and vulnerary properties.



Relief from vomiting is something we all long for when it happens. Personally I can remember going through my pregnancies and vomiting was a major component of all my pregnancies. Rinsing out your mouth after vomiting with a diluted mixture of chamomile oil is a good way to get rid of the acid in your mouth. Remember though that essential oils will not mix with water though. You can make your own mouthwash with an alcohol. When pregnant though, I would probably recommend using strong Chamomile tea rather.

For aches and pains

Whether the aches and pains are in the muscles, bones or organs Chamomile will help for that. Chamomile has analgesic or pain relieving properties. You can apply the diluted oil by rubbing it on the affected area although a hot compress or even a castor oil pack will be much more effective.

  • – Earache
  • – Headache
  • – Low back pain
  • – Menstrual pain
  • – Toothache
  • – Abdominal pain
  • – Rheumatic pain

For earache apply some diluted Chamomile around the ear. Never put essential oils into the ear canal.

Keeping your spleen healthy

Your spleen is one of the most important organs and in Ancient Chinese medicine your spleen is responsible for your chi or your energy. Chamomile oil is useful for an enlarged spleen

Liver lover

Next to your spleen the liver is not only one of the most important organs but also one of the organs that works the hardest. Chamomile oil is useful for an engorged liver as well as anemia and jaundice. The cholagogue properties of Chamomile oil helps to stimulate the release of bile into the intestines.

Female issues

Chamomile oil should be in every woman’s essential oil collection just because it is so helpful for female disorders like scanty periods, painful periods, menopausal problems, vaginitis and vulva itching.

Chamomile oil is especially helpful when you are anxious or stressed.

The nervous system

Chamomile has sedative and anti-depressant properties and is a great oil to choose for depression, nervous irritability, hysteria, restlessness and impatience. Impatience can often result in anger and because the liver stores anger you can deal with both using Chamomile oil. Calming the mind and cleaning the liver.


Allergies is something that I am very familiar with. My side of the family always had allergies and my kids were unfortunate enough to inherit all of that from me. Often the skin is the showcase for the allergies and when it is such a big area to treat baths are very soothing and effective. It is really important to get to the bottom of why your body is breaking out in an allergy in the first place. One of my kids is prone to get hives and red blotches on her face when stressed and anxious.

Speaking of allergies though, if you have an allergy towards daisies or ragweed then it would be better to avoid using Chamomile oil and Chamomile tea.

Safe oil to use

Chamomile has a relative low toxicity and is safe to use even on babies. I would still however always dilute any essential oil before applying it topically. Due to the low toxicity it is a good choice for inflammatory conditions such as dermatitis and colitis. The antiseptic properties of Chamomile oil is of value with burns and with dermatitis especially when the skin is broken.


The anti-inflammatory properties makes it a safe and good oil to use on acne or hypersensitive skin as well as dry sensitive skin. Due to the low toxicity it is a good choice for inflammatory conditions such as dermatitis and colitis. The antiseptic properties of Chamomile oil is of value with burns and with dermatitis especially when the skin is broken. The anti-allergic properties is helpful especially when the skin issues are due to allergies. I would recommend using German Chamomile rather than Roman Chamomile for inflammatory conditions due to the higher azulene content.


Blends well with

Rose oil

Geranium oil

Lavender oil


Chamomile tea

Chamomile is one of my favorite teas because it is not only refreshing but it has so many benefits and you can almost drink the tea as a backup treatment for using the oil. Soothing on the digestive system and literally able to soften the stools.

It is a great after dinner tea as well as a bed time tea. Chamomile tea’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a tea that needs to be on your daily ‘to-drink’ list.


Chamomile tea-benefits

General Safety Information

Do not take essential oils internally or apply essential oils undiluted topically.

Follow Dilution recommendations on the Essential oil Dilution chart.

Pregnant women have to consult with a qualified aromatherapist and or midwife and doctor before using essential oils, especially topically.

If you have liver damage, cancer, suffers from epilepsy or other medical problems and take medicine on a regular basis then you have to use essential oils under the guidance of a trained aromatherapist.

Before using essential oils on children you should consult with a qualified aromatherapist.

Check whether the essential oil of your choice is safe to use around your pets. Here is a list of essential oils safety for dogs.

Always use a high quality essential oil. Organic essential oils are the best choice.




Major Constituents – Roman Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis/ Chamaemelum nobile

Isobutyl Angelate

Butyl Angelate

3-Methylpentyl Angelate

Isobutyl Butyrate

Isoamyl Angelate

Major Constituents – German Chamomile – Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla








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