Cardamon oil – uses and benefits

Cardamom makes me think of a really good Chai or a yummy curry dish. There is actually a lot of benefits hidden in those little pods, Cardamom or cardamon essential oil is made from those pods or seeds

Cardomon have been used for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Cardamom was used by Egyptians as an ingredient in embalming the deceased. Cardamon is in the same family as Ginger. Both are warming oils. Let’s have a look at some uses and benefits of Cardamom essential oil.


Cardamon is  known as a digestive aid in the Indian culture. It is great for nausea, flatulence, heartburn, stomach pains. Cardomon is the oil  to strenghten the stomach and move some stagnant energy. Cardomon will help the body to sort out gastric fermentation which can be behind a very bad breath, also called halitosis. The seeds can be chewed on to combat halitosis. Cardamom can be compared to ginger oil in terms of the ability to ease the stomach. Another use and benefit of  Cardamom can also be use to increase appetite.

Mix a 1 % solution and rub on the tummy area. So that is for 10 ml of carrier oil you can add 3 drops of cardamom oil.

Morning sickness

Very effective to help with nausea during pregnancy. I would mix 1 drop of cardamom oil with 10 ml of carrier oil and apply to upper stomach and chest area. Inhaling the oil is also very effective and you can also diffuse the cardamom oil rather than apply it topically whilst pregnant.

Cough and sore throat

Expectorant and getting rid of phleghm. The anti-spasmatic properties can relieve muscle spasms


Essential oils that are high in 1,8 cineole such as cardamom can reduce swelling in the nasal cavaties


This warming oil is uplifting and can be used as a tonic, It is one of those oils that can help to focus the mind. Especially helpful for those over thinkers among us. A great choice to clear your mind. I would recommend Cardamom as an emotional upliftitng oil.

Put a drop or two of cardamom on some cotton wool or a tissue and keep in the car on long car rides to reduce drowsiness and improve concentration.

Menstrual Pain and PMS relief

Apply a 1 % solution on the lower abdominal area.

Muscle and joint discomfort

The anti-spasmodic and anti inflammatory properties help to relieve the discomfort when applied topically.

Cardomon can used as an uplifting and stimulating bath oil. So that would be more a morning bath. I would be cautious though with the amount of oil to use in the bath to prevent a sensitivity. Always dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil when adding it to your bath otherwise it will just go and sit on top of the water.


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Cardomom oil Elettaria cardamomum

Family – Zingiberaceae

Steam distilled from the cardamom seeds

Color – colorless or yellow

Aroma – sweet, warm, aromatic spicy aroma

Chemical constituents





Mix well with

Peppermint oil

Lemon oil








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