Self care

what can I do about my eye floaters

Recently I have been bothered by these little flying spots and wiggly bits in my vision, called floaters. They are quite annoying so I did a bit of research into what cause them and if anything can be done about them. Are there any natural ways to get rid of them and can I use […]

weight loss-digestive-support

Our digestive system is quite complex and involves a number of processes. I think most of us take our digestive system for granted until something goes wrong. Some people have had digestive issues for most of their life or as they get older is now all of a sudden experiencing digestive issues. I personally have […]

sleep-tips and techniques

  I am not sleeping well lately and during the day I am paying the price for that. Although when my head hits the pillow at night I fall asleep immediately. Now according to Dr. Michael Breus from that could actually be because of sleep deprivation. Well, I can believe that. Numerous nights of […]

Breast Health-Breast Cancer awareness

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and for most of us we are aware of various breast cancer campaigns and fundraisers.  We have heard about it, we see pink ribbons often on merchandise but it really doesn’t hit home until a close friend or relative or yourself get the diagnosis. […]

How to avoid Mothers Day disappointment

Mothers Day is around the corner and many moms out there wish they would rather cancel the day because it just leaves them disappointed. It is an emotional roller coaster day and it is hard not to reflect on your own performance or success as a mom. Even though there are reminders all around us […]


The Corona virus has everyone on their toes and on high alert. I live in Australia and we have had a wave of panic buying toilet paper which is bizarre because the corona virus  is a respiratory virus and not a gastrointestinal virus . So I am still confused by the urgency of Aussies to […]

Castor- Oil-Ancient-Gem

Castor oil might make your stomach churn just by the mentioning of it due to grandparents who gave their kids a spoonful of this stuff every now and again to keep quote,unquote all the pipes clean. They were onto something though. Castor oil is really an ancient gem. Castor oil have been used by many […]

Self care vs Self pity

It is that time of the year again – Valentines Day. A day to celebrate love and being loved. But for many this day brings an array of other emotions too. You might be grieving over either no relationship or a relationship that has little love left. This can cause a lot of sadness for […]