Hair loss after Covid

Hairdressers around the world is seeing more and more clients coming into the salon distressed about hair loss. I am not just talking about slight hair loss, no hair falling out excessively. Like a handful of hair falling out after a shower or just by brushing it. Most of the cases have been people who had covid. So what is going on? Is hair loss a thing after Covid?

Diffuse Hair loss

Hair growth has a cycle and when that gets disturbed systemically by illness or infection or severe stress, shock and trauma the hair cycle can shift from the growing phase (Anagen ) to the shedding phase (Telogen) prematurely. This is called Diffuse hair loss or Telogen Effluvium. Diffuse hair loss has to do with your cardiovascular system but hair that falls out in patches or a pattern is more an auto immune response.

Get professional advice

Hair loss should never be just dismissed. Your body is trying to communicate something to you. Although hair is a priority for us, it is not necessary a priority for the body. Your hair loss might indicate an underlying problem. Trichologist are trained in hair loss and scalp conditions and they can refer you to a dermatologist if needed.


It is temporary hair loss

The good news is that it is only temporary and the body can regulate itself. It normally takes a few months to present itself. Therefor if you start losing your hair you can think back of an illness or severe stress that happened 3 months ago.

It will take round about 3-6 months to correct itself again. That being said the ongoing stress with the pandemic and trauma and grief can affect this. The hair loss and thinning should fix itself within one year if you start looking after yourself.

You do have to bear in mind though that hair only growth an average of about a 1 cm a month, so it will take some time to look normal again.


What can you do?

Get blood work done – go and see a GP or dermatologist to get some blood work done to rule out any underlying issues that can contribute to your hair loss. It is also vital to make sure what your levels are to avoid overuse of supplements.

Multivitamins – start taking or continue to take a multivitamin. I personally get my supplements from iHerb.

Eat healthy – poor nutrition will affect your hair growth. Hair needs nutrients to grow at ultimate level.

Hair growth shampoo and conditioners – products like Rogaine, Nioxin will stimulate the root and help to promote hairgrowth. It is important to note though that even though products can make a huge difference, the health of your hair are influenced more by your diet and lifestyle.

Use essential oils – essential oils like Rosemary, Cedarwood, Lavender and Peppermint is very helpful to promote hair growth. You can read  more about the benefits of using essential oils as well as how to use essential oils to promote hair growth. One of my favorite companies that I personally use to get my own oils from is Plant Therapy.

Relax – make time for daily relaxation, even if just 5 minutes with a cup of tea. Meditation, prayer and being intentional about gratitude and mindfulness are all beneficial for your nervous system.

Take care of you, so that you can take care of those you love


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