Hair loss

Losing your hair can be very sudden like clumps of hair in the shower or sometimes it is gradual. Hair loss can create a significant amount of anxiety for both men and women. The fear of losing hair can start quite young. I have a teenager that is getting a bit stressed out by the […]

Hair loss diffuse hair loss

Hairdressers around the world is seeing more and more clients coming into the salon distressed about hair loss. I am not just talking about slight hair loss, no hair falling out excessively. Like a handful of hair falling out after a shower or just by brushing it. Most of the cases have been people who […]

Head Lice mechanical treatment heal lice comb

Head lice seems to be a problem in schools around the globe. I have lived on three continents and I can recall the letters that circulated regularly to inform parents when there was an outbreak of head lice in all schools that my kids attended. Head lice can make any parent anxious about dealing with […]

Dandruff getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff can be a very embarrassing thing especially if you wear black and the white flakes on your shoulders are very noticeable. Many teenagers are struggling with dandruff as if hormonal changes was not enough to deal with. As a hairdresser I can tell you that dandruff is quite common and most of the time it […]

Hair loss

  Hair growth is for some a very sensitive topic and they can worry about their receding hairline that seem to be growing faster than their hair. For others hair growth is only something that they think about when they want to grow out a style or had a bad haircut. Then all of a […]


So we are a few weeks into hair salons being shut or restricted to operate due to COVID19 and it’s starting to get ugly… well I am referring to your roots. So much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair and nothing can drag you further down than a bad hair day. So […]