Why is my head sweating so much?

I remember my mother complaining about her head sweating so much and sweat literally running out of her hair. She were always very embarrassed by that. We have had a bit of a heatwave with some extreme humidity and I have found myself in the same boat. Oh, there must be something you can do about this I was thinking to myself. So let’s unpack this a bit more and getting to the bottom of why is my head sweating so much and what can I do about it?

What is excessive sweating?

Sweating is very common especially when we do some physical activity or experiencing some hot weather. Sweating helps to regulate the body’s temperature. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and can be triggered by medical conditions, menopause and hormones, anger and anxiety and certain antidepressants. It can also be genetic and the fact that my mom and my sister struggles with it points me to the fact that in my case it is probably genetic.


So what can you do?

Trying to figure out what is causing your excessive sweating. For instance if it is anxiety and stress then you can do something to manage and reduce your stress levels.

If you can’t figure out what is causing your excessive sweating go and see your doctor to rule out any medical causes.

1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can keep your body hydrated.

2. Cut down your caffeine intake

Caffeine can be stimulating on your sweat glands so cutting down is a helpful way to combat the problem.

3. Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods can increase your body’s sweat production.

4. Reduce your stress levels

Putting some boundaries in place and not over committing yourself can ease a lot of your stress and anxiety. Physical exercise create a healthy outlet for your stress and anxiety.

5. Lose some weight

Extra pounds can be a trigger for excessive sweating. My doctor recommended that I develop some healthier lifestyle choices. Basically eat less and move more. Eating more leafy green vegetables, healthy fats and lower my carb intake.

6. Use an antiperspirant for your face and scalp

You can get some aluminum chloride antiperspirant specifically designed for face and scalp.

7. Try Botox

Botox can help by making your sweat glands less active.

8. Using a dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are great for absorbing oils and moisture and add volume. When you would use it for excessive sweating I would suggest not using it when your hair is wet because that can have the opposite effect than you were looking for.


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What about essential oils?

Essential oils can be a more natural approach to deal with the excessive sweating. Do remember that you can’t just use essential oil undiluted especially  on your scalp. It has to be diluted with either your shampoo or conditioner. A better method tough is to mix it with a carrier oil and massage it into the scalp prior to washing it. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before shampooing it out. The following oils would be the best to use. You can read more on each individual oil by clicking on it.

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Essential oils can help to lessen the impact of menopause and perimenopause. Essential oils can help the body to bring some equilibrium. The book by Angelo Sidlo ‘Aromatherapy for Menopause Success’ is a great book on this topic and is a helpful tool to navigate this new season in life.


aromatherapy for menopause


You can do something about excessive sweating. Start by visiting your doctor and checking that everything is in order. Remember to dress in layers so that you can layer off when things get too hot and uncomfortable. Listen to your body and pay attention what do you need to cut out and which things you need to do more, like exercise. You can also use essential oils as an effective remedy to tackle excessive sweating,

Take care of you so that you can take care of those you love








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