About Me

Welcome to My World – Elize’s Story

  • Introduction to who I am, Elize, and the founding of Connecting Essentials
  • My journey through motherhood with three adult children and how it shaped my understanding of wellness
  • Transitioning from a professional hairdresser to a certified aromatherapist and beauty therapist
  • My dedication to studying counseling and the motivation behind it

The Heart of Connecting Essentials

  • How Connecting Essentials aligns with my personal philosophy on body-mind-soul wellness
  • The cornerstone belief that balance among the three is essential for optimal health and wellness
  • Real-life insights from years of experience leading to the birth of Connecting Essentials

What We Offer – Your Wellness Journey

  • An introduction to the range of educational content and services provided at Connecting Essentials
  • Sharing knowledge on decoding the body’s non-verbal language of aches and pains
  • Guidance on nurturing the soul’s quest for belonging, acceptance, and peace
  • Tips for managing the mind’s perpetual rush and the importance of mindfulness

Diving Deeper: Inspiration and Self Care

  • Inviting you to engage with ConnectingEssentials.com for in-depth wellness advice
  • Exploring the intersection of practical self care routines and profound emotional wellness
  • My personal commitment to support you on your journey to taking better care of yourself
  • Encouragement to embark on a wellness journey that encompasses a holistic view on health

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