About me

Hi, I’m Elize and I am a Certified Essential Oil coach and counsellor who graduated from the Essential Oil Institute. The Essential oil institute was  founded by dr. Josh Axe and is accredited by the American association of drug less practitioners.

My story

I have been using essential oils for many years  though ,since my qualification as an aromatherapist and massage therapist whilst doing my beauty  diploma. I was intrigued by the healing power of essential oils and  I use essential oils for my family and myself over the years. I  have a passion to help others by  sharing my knowledge about essential oils and how it can benefit and support your life and health.

I am also a hairdresser and  I hear a lot of stories of mothers who are feeling quite overwhelmed by the worries and stresses caring for their children, no matter what age they are. As my own children have grown up and the stresses of life and moving continents twice I have used essential oils not only to cope but the take care of myself .

Self care

My goal is to equip you with knowledge on how to use essential oils to help with self care. When we are caring for ourselves first it is so much easier to take care of others. Now, I am not a medical practitioner and therefor any advice or information about how to use essential oils will be in a supportive way and complimentary way .

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