sleep-tips and techniques

  I am not sleeping well lately and during the day I am paying the price for that. Although when my head hits the pillow at night I fall asleep immediately. Now according to Dr. Michael Breus from thesleepdoctor.com that could actually be because of sleep deprivation. Well, I can believe that. Numerous nights of […]

Head Lice mechanical treatment heal lice comb

Head lice seems to be a problem in schools around the globe. I have lived on three continents and I can recall the letters that circulated regularly to inform parents when there was an outbreak of head lice in all schools that my kids attended. Head lice can make any parent anxious about dealing with […]


I am a big fan of Fennel oil but it is because I really like Licorice. Funny thing is that although I love the candy I can’t stand Licorice tea and I am a dedicated tea drinker. Fennel is a hardy herb and I have recently started cooking with Fennel as well or using raw […]

Ginger oil-weight loss

Ginger essential oil   Although I am very familiar with ginger for cooking and the significant smell I have to be honest that I had no idea what a ginger plant looks like. I was really surprised that it is such a pretty plant.   The ginger plant grows in tropical countries and can grow […]


Geraniums always reminds me of my mother, not just because she was very fond of them but most of the Geranium species has originated from South Africa. I grew up in South Africa and was probably very ignorant of the sight of geraniums everywhere. Geranium is a bushy perennial shrub and have these hairy heart […]


Using essential oils can be very successful as a complimentary treatment for depression. Which essential oils are best for depression depends on a number of factors. Listen to your body and pay attention to some hidden symptoms of underlying depression. Understanding your own depression requires you to understand yourself a bit better – your temperament […]

Carrier-Oil-Essential oil

Essential oils should never be used undiluted when you apply it topically on the skin. It should always be diluted in what is called a carrier oil. That can be a bit vague so here is a list of the best carrier oils to use to dilute essential oils. Carrier oils are not the same […]


Your muscular system help support other systems like your circulatory system, affects proper posture and the way you carry yourself. I have a teenage boy who is quite tall. Often tall children tend to slouch forward to hide their height. He also is a really good gamer so lots of time is spend sitting.  I […]

Breast Health-Breast Cancer awareness

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer and for most of us we are aware of various breast cancer campaigns and fundraisers.  We have heard about it, we see pink ribbons often on merchandise but it really doesn’t hit home until a close friend or relative or yourself get the diagnosis. […]


  Coriander is quite an attractive plant but it is one of those divisive plants. Some people love it and others can’t stand it. Coriander leaves also is called Cilantro and  is used in a lot of Mexican dishes. I absolutely love it whist my husband reckons it taste like soap. Well, interesting enough scientist […]