Coriander is quite an attractive plant but it is one of those divisive plants. Some people love it and others can’t stand it. Coriander leaves also is called Cilantro and  is used in a lot of Mexican dishes. I absolutely love it whist my husband reckons it taste like soap. Well, interesting enough scientist […]

Chamomile- uses -benefits

  The fragrance of Chamomile is almost like an apple smell. Actually the Greeks called it kamai melon which means ground apple. You can also see where we in our English language got the chamomile from then. Chamomile is one of the oldest herbs known to man and in the plant kingdom it is considered […]


Peppermint oil is a  well-known and popular essential oil  and even outside of aromatherapy it is popular in a lot of items such as toothpaste and candy. So the refreshing flavor  and smell is familiar to almost everyone. The herb has been used for centuries by many cultures and it is probably the only herb […]

Dandruff getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff can be a very embarrassing thing especially if you wear black and the white flakes on your shoulders are very noticeable. Many teenagers are struggling with dandruff as if hormonal changes was not enough to deal with. As a hairdresser I can tell you that dandruff is quite common and most of the time it […]


  This ancient oil is sometimes referred to as fit for a king’s house. In India Basil is also known as Tulsi and it is common to find basil planted around temples as well as graves. The Egyptians used Basil in embalming rituals and it is a very versatile oil in Ayurvedic medicine. Basil is […]

Hair loss

  Hair growth is for some a very sensitive topic and they can worry about their receding hairline that seem to be growing faster than their hair. For others hair growth is only something that they think about when they want to grow out a style or had a bad haircut. Then all of a […]


Bergamot oil Citrus Bergamia is considered the most valuable citrus tree by many citrus growers. Aromatherapist considers Bergamot a very valuable oil. Let’s look at my Top 10 uses and benefits of Bergamot essential oil.   Bergamot is from the rind of the fruit of the bergamot tree. Bergamot is named after the city of […]

Carrier-Oil-Essential oil

We are right in the middle of making history as a global society. We are still in the midst of this Corona Virus Pandemic. One of my kids loves history and it is quite delightful when he brings the story to life. It is certainly much easier reading and learning about history than living it. […]

Chilblains-Remedy-Treatment-Essential Oils

I can remember as a child, especially during my teenage years, getting chilblains. Oh, the itching that would wake me in the middle of the night. Squeezing my feet into my school shoes in the morning and being super uncomfortable the entire day. Off course, two of my kids get chilblains as well because there […]


It is hard not to look at the destruction that the COVID19 pandemic is causing globally and not think of the grief that so many people from every tongue and tribe is experiencing. Although we might have very different cultures, our human emotions are the same. Grief is one of those negative emotions that not […]