I have read about Hyssop and got really intrigued about how this plant can help me with my allergies and my shortness of breath that I struggle with on a regular basis. Wanting to dig a bit deeper to find out why they call this humble little herb ‘ The breath of life’. Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is […]

How to avoid Mothers Day disappointment

Mothers Day is here again and many moms out there wish they would rather cancel the day because it just leaves them disappointed. It is an emotional roller coaster day and it is hard not to reflect on your own performance or success as a mom. So why are so many mothers out there forgotten […]

Essential oils can be toxic to dogs or very helpful

We are about to start on building a second dwelling on our property and so with all these tradesmen coming onto our property my four legged child is barking like crazy which is driving everyone up the wall as we are all trying to work or study from home. ‘Oh, we have to do something […]


Worrying is inevitable during the COVID19 pandemic with uncertainty about the future, our health, our finances, fear of contracting the virus and job security. Chronic worry can take its toll on our mental health and certainly on our physical health as well.  What can we do  to help us cope with worry and anxiety during […]

Work from home selling Monat products

Across the globe a lot of hairdressers are in lock down and the salon doors are closed due to COVID19. As a hairstylist myself I am in the same boat and many may be looking into other pathways to be able to work from home.  I was doing some research on hair products and thought […]


When you think of natural immunity boosting products Echinacea often comes to mind for a lot of people. You can find Echinacea in many forms and most are familiar with it as a supplement but drinking Echinacea tea is another way to make use of the benefits. But first lets have a look – can […]

Breathing-Mt. Kosciusko

Images on the news and social media about so many patients on respirators that need support with breathing due to COVID19 can leave us gasping and thinking twice about our own respiratory system. Right of the bat I can tell you that essential oils is not a treatment or a cure for COVID19. There has […]


So we are a few weeks into hair salons being shut or restricted to operate due to COVID19 and it’s starting to get ugly… well I am referring to your roots. So much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair and nothing can drag you further down than a bad hair day. So […]

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The year 2020 started off with great expectations for most of us around the globe. Lots of memes and jokes surrounding 2020 vision was floating across social media. I don’t think any of us saw how this year is going to be turned on his head so soon and so abruptly. A lot of us […]