Treatment for varicose veins

As a hairdresser I have been on my feet a lot and as a result I have these really ugly varicose veins. Particularly on my left side. Well lately I have been really bothered by it and so I visited my doctor who assured me that they don’t look dangerous or something that I should be worried about but I should keep an eye on them and manage them. Here is what she meant with managing them – move more and eat less.

So of course I went into investigating mode, trying to understand varicose veins and how I can manage them   in more ways using essential oils and herbal teas as well as other lifestyle changes.

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a symptom of poor circulatory system with a loss of elasticity in the walls of the veins and particular in their valves. If these valves doesn’t work properly the blood may stagnate in the vein which then become swollen and twisted . This cause pain and fatigue of the legs.

What causes varicose veins?

  • Prolonged standing
  • Obesity
  • Poor nutrition
  • Pregnancy may cause the onset of varicose veins due to the extra weight and pressure and hormonal changes.
  • Genetic
  • Sedentary lifestyle

How does the cardiovascular system work?

The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, spleen, blood vessels and about 5 liters of blood.  The spleen is responsible for breaking down the worn-out red blood corpuscles. It produces lymphocytes and acts as a reservoir for the blood. The spleen and the contraction of the splenic blood vessels have an influence on the reduction of blood pressure.

What is the cardiovascular system responsible for?

  • Providing oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.
  • Protects the body from pathogens through white blood cells .
  • Regulates homeostasis through blood clotting and scar formation .
  • Maintains a stable body temperature
  • Controls and regulate blood pressure


What can I do about my varicose veins?

1. Loose weight

Added weight puts a lot more pressure on your veins. Losing weight will not reverse the existing varicose veins but can prevent new ones from forming.

2. Exercise daily

Exercises that include moving the calves and increasing the blood circulation through the legs such as walking, biking or swimming is great.

3. Put your feet up

Elevating your feet help the blood to flow back and increase your blood circulation. It also release pain and swelling.

4. Get good shoes

Comfortable, flat shoes with arch support makes a lot of difference when it comes to foot and leg comfort.

5. Compression stockings

Veins have these valves which keeps the blood flowing in one direction., When the valves don’t work properly the blood can pool and a varicose vein develop. The stockings help to improve circulation by supporting damaged valves. They can also help to reduce the risk of a clot forming.



Can essential oils help my cardiovascular system?


Essential oils should always be use in a supportive way only and not replace seeking medical advice for any cardiovascular condition.


  • Essential oils can help by balancing out blood pressure levels. Certain oils like Lavender have been proven to relax the body and mind and thus switch the nervous system from fight and flight mode to rest and digest mode which in turn balances the blood pressure.
  • Certain oils such as Peppermint can increase your alertness
  • Cypress is a great oil to support blood circulation
  • Calamus oil, Melissa oil, Neroli and Ylang-ylang oil can be used for heart palpitations and shock.
  • Camphor oil acts as a cardiac stimulant, vasoconstrictor and it increase the blood pressure.
  • Hyssop oil has a tonic action where it first increase the blood pressure and then decrease it.
  • Rosemary oil is considered a cardiac tonic and have a strengthening effect on the heart muscle.
  • Some oil can increase the body temperature by stimulating the circulation such as: Benzoin, Camphor, Cinnamon, Juniper, Sage and Thyme.
  • Lemon oil can strengthen the veins

It is important to note that some essential oils can interfere with your prescription medication and you will need to discuss it with your doctor especially if you are on medication for your cardiovascular system.

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Cypress oil  is a very good oil to use to increase blood circulation and to support the circulatory system. Cypress oil helps to strengthen the veins

Dilute 5 drops of Cypress oil in 20 ml of carrier oil and apply on the varicose veins twice a day for a few weeks.

Massage the area  affected and above the varicose vein nearer to the heart and not the area below the varicose vein as this will only increase the pressure in the vein.

If you also get muscle aches and swelling  you can add peppermint, tea tree and lavender oils as well to your mix. I would use 2 drops of each per 20 ml of carrier oil.


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Most essential oils should be diluted with a  carrier oil, like jojoba ,sweet almond  or coconut oil before being applied to the skin. When using essential oils for kids, babies or the elderly it should be diluted even more.

Always use good quality essential oils preferably organic oils. One of my favorite companies that I personally get my oils from is Plant Therapy.

You can also buy synergy blends like the Vein Aid which makes it much easier and quicker to use. I do find that I use essential oils more if I have a blend already.

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What else can I do to manage my varicose veins?

Herbal teas

Herbal teas can be used very successfully to improve blood circulation and bring relief of varicose veins. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Yarrow tea  – also known as the blood purifier. It also has anti inflammatory properties. You can also apply the cold, used teabag on the vein to bring relief.

Butchers broom – this is also known as the clean sweeper. In internal sweeper that will help to increase your blood circulation.


When you search for supplements that will help with varicose veins you certainly will find a lot of them claiming to help reduce or make them disappear. A good multivitamin  and healthy diet with enough vegetables, fibre and vit B rich foods will be sufficient though.

Medical treatment is the only way to really to restore varicose veins.

I found the following website quite helpful in explaining the types of medical treatment  options available.


A healthy lifestyle with enough daily exercise to get your blood moving and a healthy diet is really key to managing varicose veins. You can do other complimentary things such as using essential oil and  herbal teas to bring some relief but you do need to treat the main cause.

Speak to your doctor about your varicose veins and listen your body. If you need medical intervention either because your veins are bothering you because of how they appear or if you need it to prevent clots then go and see a phlebologist.


Take care of yourself so that you can take care of those you love



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